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The weather was like Love today.

We met on the beach for the first time in a long time, and took a walk. We were silent as usual. Then we sat in a tea garden by the sea. He never lost his composure, he stood where he was. He asked how I was. “I missed you, your jokes. Smiling and warming my heart, then suddenly saying, "I laughed so hard," and putting your deep breath on me," I replied.

I have had enough of neither the heat nor the cool breath of the air today.

Getting used to it kills love.

You get mad with the sun and dream of love, when you say dreams don't come true, it feels like something good will happen to you, just when you're going to get used to it, you think of the pain you will suffer at the end, you are afraid like a dog..

That's why I cut the first meeting short.

It was like he was in love, Sun, we left getting used to the next meeting.

Banu Aksoylu

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