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Instead of a festive's joy

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Joy's escaped into my breath,

Laughters have made a swing,

Swinging on my lashes.

There's a dance inside

Vocals are in every single cell of me.

Come on, join in,

To the unique rhythm of the breath.

Today I embraced the enthusiasm. In spite of the hard days, I ignored the uncertainty and distances. I said to the rose resisting the wind, "Let loose, don't let your branches break". “Hold my finger, you will succeed,” I called out to the ivy, who was afraid of climbing. As I was greeting the ant climbing over the mound, I heard it saying "keep going as if nothing had happened". When I saw the sparrows, I was liberated as if earth and in the sky. Today I embraced the enthusiasm.

Meltem Altınkaya


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