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       A public sharing space and a blog. 


       Although calls for letters according to the subject at certain periods, distance, life, death, home, longing, love, nature,              cycle, beginning, time, change, uncertainty, simplicity, consumption, hope, old age, childhood, dreams, etc. is always open          to other contents.


       Letters can be written addressing someone we love, lost, missed, unknown or named, something, ourselves or the            world.


       All kinds of expression tools such as poetry, photographs, pictures, stories, sound and image files can be used.


      Our songs are published by Ada Music . You can access and listen to our songs from the published letter on our                 Songs page as well as on all digital platforms.




This project has started with Banu Kanıbelli's invitation on writing letters for songs in Açık Radio program Sahibine Şarkılar (Songs to One’s Own)'s intersection with Eylem Ejder’s writing theatre letters on Mimesis Journal in pandemic days. The project continues its journey, run by two. 



Letters to Songs is a sharing and open space that values healing, unifying and transformative power of words, correspondence and music. It set out with the aim of transforming the common feelings and experiences we had during the pandemic into letters and letters into songs. It continues to host words and music that extend to each other. While the letters are kept on the blog as diaries of the time, some of them turn into songs by songwriters  of the project.

Letters to Songs
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Eylem Ejder

Banu Kanıbelli

Eylem Ejder

Musician, educational consultant

Her work is blending psychology, philosophy and music, creatively constructing and performing in the intersection of these fields.  In addition to music writing and singing, her works in educational consultancy and training continue.

All her albums published since 1996 are included in Ada Music portfolio.

Writer, critic, theater actress


She works as a writer, editor, researcher and critic in Istanbul and sometimes abroad. Currently, she focuses on experimental, collective, creative work that tries to combine critical and performative writing with different areas of literary and artistic expression such as letter, diary, and poetry.


Traces from the Process & Archive 

Radio broadcast conversations with letter and songwriters of songs can be found in Banu Kanıbelli / Radyo archive in the Song's Kitchen series.

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