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A hope of death

A hope of death

Maybe when the autumn poplars are shedding leaves

Stranded in the winter blizzard

In the middle of summer when you're living in love

While burying your body on the morning of separation

When finely processing the final ink

A hope of death

While waiting for the lover from afar

Feeling yourself from your friend

Seeing life in your lover's eyes

While being alone in the dark streets

Sighing in a cigarette but sighing

A hope of death

crying without tears

Looking after those who left

While humming songs of love

A world of wine bottles

After presenting gifts to God

Watching the sacrificed hearts

A hope of death

mid April

When you smell the fragrant scents from the flowered gardens

When the ladybugs come for hope

While watching your movie in quiet rushing waters

Without saying life is strange

A hope of death.

Onur Aydın

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