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A letter from me

Anlayacağın işler çok karışık sevgili çocuk Ceyda. Ama biliyoruz, yalnız değiliz. Asla yalnız yürümeyeceğiz. 

Hello my dear,

It's been years since I wrote to you. I see you from time to time, for a moment, you look away from my eyeballs, and then you run away to your hiding place. You were always very close to me, but these days, it seems like you're far away, I miss you.

I'm a little tired, human relations are not as we know them. It turns out that there were men and women, not people. Do you remember how late we woke up to that? You know, when a loved one got angry when you bent down, they'd look at you, you know, he said bend properly, squat. We were quite surprised. We knew about love since we were 10 years old, but at that moment we really understood that the way they 'look' is different. We're naive, aren't we? One should look beautiful, because with love, sometimes with sadness, with longing, but not with hunger or hatred. It's been a long time since I learned that life is not what people think it is. How surprised we were when the neighbor aunt who came to us when I got married said, "Don't call your single friends home, they will steal your husband." So everyone had that weird look.

Nowadays, we are trying to explain that there is 'human', not men and women, from man to woman. Our sisters die, not only them, but also our brothers whose sexual orientation is different from the general public. And just because of that, because she's a woman, because she's gay or trans. We don't understand why other people care so much about who loves whom and who has sex with whom. There are those who want to destroy the laws made so that they do not die because the family is important, the family is broken. We do not understand because murderers also grow up in a family, our brothers who were killed and beaten also have families, right?

As you can see, things are very complicated, dear child Ceyda. But we know we are not alone. We will never walk alone.

Hope to see you in the mirror soon.

I love you.


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