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Break up rehearsal

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Shall we let go of each other?

But first, wipe my tears.

Your hands are warm, your scent within my life.

Let us be deceived, we will be happy when we leave,

Let's say spring will come.

Shall we let go of each other?

But your tobacco is on the table, blowing the smoke of our story.

Our tea is still hot, I just filled the glass with it.

What's the hurry?

Let's wait for spring to miss.

Let's let go of each other, you're right.

Each other day will be mingling with us more

Losing ourselves more and more each day

We started walking like running.

However, we should have been together in our first step, that's what they say to rookies.

Let's let go of each other, but weren't we going to set out on that road together?

We were going to that island, you know, from the first day you keep telling

Whose sun is like the sun, whose water is like water

We were going to forget that we grew up, we were going to be dolphins with tunes and sunbathe on the shore?

Let's just say you're right, because we made love like sinners.

Let's let go, our name is now in the crunch of time

Let's fight our turn, let's say we are defeated by our passions.

But there is more to our love,

Wait, let's roll another tobacco.

Gülden Ateş

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