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Ivy dream

Hello Banu,

I have planted so many jasmine vines in the last three days. And one for my brother's garden, our garden, and our neighbor's. If I take into account that moment when you and I were sitting under the jasmines in the garden of the Sabancı Museum, I've almost started to see life through the mind of jasmine for a while. What an effort it is to untangle those entangled branches like a braid without hurting them. Each time he opened it, it was as if he was releasing his knits more and more, and pouring his secrets to you one by one. Maybe I'm exaggerating. I fell asleep in the daytime after the last jasmine vine I planted yesterday. In my dream I was a jasmine vine. I am not sure if there was an ivy that fell in love with my body and wrapped it around me or whether I was gradually turning into an ivy. Something in between. It's definitely a transformation. I couldn't see my hands. My arms were jasmine branches, and each of my hands were slender jasmine shoots that had just sprouted. White starry blossoms on my fingertips. It was a very different experience. It was as if the root was somewhere in my chest. I will never forget. It is not destined to wake up like Kafka's Gregor Samsa, how nice! Is it because my hand touches the face of nature and flower every day?

By the way, I bought the book you told me about. EarthBirdNet. I will read.

Sometimes I wonder if there was someone who illustrated this project. Then I say stop Action, step by step :)

I wish you pleasant and productive days in Izmir. Lots of green, blue and sky days! I wish your tunes to foam up like the geraniums on my window!



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