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There are rivers in the sound of which I get lost.

that I can't swim,

But still I know; your heart protects my wings.

I hold on to the moon, the stars, the stones along the rivers.

Cormorants, dolphins, lost mermaids…

My hair becomes heavy, my body forgets my feet.

I become chickenpox in the deepest part of the river,

Small fish cling to my skin, turtles hide in my roots.

My name changes, my scent changes.

I am free from being "without you"

Timeless, spaceless and in that emptiness where the mind does not exist

I leave my breath in the water.

There, in that silence, I thirst for your skin.

I thirst for you.

I say darling, darling.

My soil mixes with your soil, my voice to your voice, my face to your face.

I plant your smile in my pots.

Gülden Ateş

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