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Sea and swimming mean exploring

It was a day when I preferred swimming to walking. The happiest moments in the world are those enormous hours when I play sports. Walking is the sum of discoveries made in a vast area. No day is the same as another. Swimming is a challenge like walking. The first training may be unpleasant. Then, the arms and legs are opened and the legs are beaten more strongly. The breath is opened even more with each training. And you realize that your power has increased. No difficulties can intimidate you.

Swimming in the sea is another pleasure. As the swimming area expands, the pleasure increases. Some days, like today, seagulls scream at you. While you were thinking "they thought I was a fish"; You can't see the dolphins next to you and the fish passing under you. Because you are busy swimming, you miss these extraordinary creatures; same as life. It's like the life you miss in your daily routines. You get so caught up in what you do that you disappear without experiencing opportunities, people to enjoy, pleasures and experiences. Your fears suffocate you; not the sea. Because life is like the buoyant force of water.

Swimming opens the mind, like walking. The field is unlimited in both. Maybe fear will increase as the sea gets deeper. Your inner voice kicks in and tells you not to be afraid. Even when you stay in a small spot in the middle of the sea, even when a jet ski is coming towards you, your inner strength can push it away. He sees you and changes his path.

One stroke, then another stroke. Here is where you want to arrive. Fear is good sometimes. It keeps you alive. More is a sign of paranoia and various diseases. Life is like the sea. It's like a sea where you get stronger with each stroke. Although not all of them are yours, the area to swim is yours. Would you dare to swim that place as it should be? Try. All you will lose is the time necessary to remove the water you swallowed... Sea and swimming... It means exploring.

Nil Maaya Soydaner

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