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Updated: Dec 13, 2021

What is the joy of your wings? Is the home you seek in my hair?

Tell them swallows. Ivy sprouting in my dream, she's already grown. Now I'm looking at a child climbing into the sky from those vines every morning, every night. Tell them swallows. I hear the voice reaching from the stars. I am waiting with that voice to root and deepen in a song like olive trees.

Oh swallows, tell them what happens. All the birds of time have started to fly. I started to open up softly. I flowed along the rivers. Because opening is the call of existence. Waking up to the sea, before the sand. I get it now, swallows. Why do some birds fly alone? Because there are ambitions that exceed the wind. I knew the joy of your wings, the secret of the stars. My heart is swallows. What a joyful chaos my heart is now. My heart is swallows. A serene cosmos, maybe.

Girl climbing the ivy stairs to the sky


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