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To the sisters

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

When I say I see you,

can you feel what's in my heart

Tell me about your hopes lost

Your shattered dreams

Your exhausted fears

In the darkness of the burqa

What if I say let your sorrow flow?

So intense is your sadness,

As much as I can sense, I feel ashamed to cry...

If we are "One"

in the oneness

I look at you, and see every one of us

Indignance is us,

Lost are we,

Shame on us.

And then

The RESISTANCE in your gaze is also us.

We are as strong and endless love as you can give up on the pinky little hand.

Can compassion flowing from the pupils of million stars,

Heal your wound?

I am under the shade of a fig tree. I am thinking about you; I dream of being able to cover the whole world with a veil of compassion, a new mind where you can ignore what you've been through, a new day as if you've never broken with what you've given up. While my heart feels like it is being squeezed by an auger, I am ashamed of the pain in your heart, all is missing. Then, I hug the fig tree, which has been the symbol of fertility, life energy and continuity since the world was founded, but it can withstand the weight of this sadness, I feel it....

Ahhh my beautiful sister.. If I say "Look, I'm here", would your eyes still want to see? Have you given up on hearing the voices, if I say extend your hand, will you not hold any hand other than your baby's again?

If I sit in front of you, if I can look into your eyes and say "tell me about your sadness", will the knots be untied? If I hug your heart, whose broken dreams, hopes lost in the darkness of the burqa and even fears are exhausted, can I sense what's in your heart?

We are parts of a whole, whatever we choose, we live together. Let's choose to be, not to burn, to resist, not to give up. Let's choose to suck the blessings of life instead of the bitter water of darkness.

Your sisters are as bright and numerous as the stars in the sky, who will heal your wounds with the tender lights of their eyes. And you will see the sky behind the curtain, just like the embroidered pillow in a woman's hand. You will smile at the white clouds playing hide and seek in the blue with the pinky in your lap.

22/08/2021 Meltem Altınkaya

* Graffiti by Shamsai Hassani

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