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Twenty four hours

I woke up around you again today

I fried egg rolls,

quarter past you.

You were thirty and put my love in it

when I brew clove-scented tea.

twenty past you

I stretched while traveling

I had a lunch pack in my hand,

As a precaution for corona days.

when you walk out the door

the sun has turned away,

I warmed my heart with your smile.

leaving the house like you.


smell in my nose

on the way to work,

the roads you crossed before me

and I looked at the traffic lights

to satisfy my longing.

My phone rang,

it's you at thirty

it was dinner time

I opened,

I picked up the phone.

I said in return,

I also said in Cypriot.

ten past you

At sunset

I came home from work.

You got back at a quarter past.

passion fruit in the garden

they got a little bigger.

I took a branch and put it in water,

to root.

I prayed maybe how many times

to our love.

we looked at the full moon together

time has passed,

a little past you

after dinner

while drinking coffee.

I fell a sleep,

You held my hand in my dream

it was warm

it seemed real.

I woke up,

the sky was not clear yet,

it was about you

the parts you love

to listen

I put on my headphones.

the previous day

I wrote this poem until you

I got up and brewed the tea.

Zeynep Yenen

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