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What the sea carries

The sound of the sea is as heavy as the ships it carries

The sea screams as if it has carried millions

Ships tired of swimming

As you stand on the surface of the sea

Even if he approaches the harbor and spit out all the weight inside

Then if he leaves gently but this time silently

A red weasel floats above the sea

How come the weasel still hasn't melted away?

Maybe it's because he carries everything he breathes in his delicate body.

Maybe his memories carried him here

But I can't stand it and I can't help but take it from the sea

It fell apart as soon as I got it.

It turns out it was water that held him

It turns out that he took life from water.

mirror above the sea

above the sea you are me

I've landed and I'm walking on the sea

strong enough to carry me

generous enough to lift me up

Elif Ongan Tekçe

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