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Why i love my neighborhood

I want to talk about Hamdi, but maybe Hamdi will save this letter for his children. That's why I don't send it on behalf of anyone, I just leave it in the middle.

Hamdi has a shop, he has cats in it. I know the story of one very well, a friend brought and left the cat there, because the woman in the house to which he was to be taken did not want it. He wasn't a cat lover either, but he kept his temper, he said, let this cat out of here. The cat also took shelter in Hamdi's shop, with a fellow of the same color and breed. Day and night, the two black cats sleep wherever they can, ignoring the noise of the shop, machines and customers, and sit on the lap of the customer they like. One is so gassy, ​​it releases such a smelly fart when it's hard that you don't even think about pushing the animal again. No compulsion here.

Hamdi's feature is not only cats; It's quick enough to get every customer who goes first by surprise. In the blink of an eye, the hair is gone. Besides, there is no sitting comfortably, standing up at the last stage of the cut, there is a homage to Hamdi's art. After all, the shop has Art in its name!

If you go close to the New Year's, there is a treat for everyone's taste, whether it is hard-drinking, iced, or a red hidden in a coffee cup, clear foamy, whatever you are giving away, there is no surprise, actually.

Hamdi's hand and heart are always open, not only at Christmas time; In this shop, you share a cheerful and sweet conversation, news from the neighborhood, entertaining details of daily politics, and draw intentions from caps. In the country that returned to the girls' dormitory, before everyone dispersed to their homes when 9 was said, Hamdi would not offend the customer who came at the closing time of the shop, and would not turn anyone away. There is respect for your work and love for those who come.

As it is not possible for me to go anywhere else, there is a reason why I bring everyone I know to Hamdi. The friendship I see and the service I receive are more valuable than the other. In this shop, where people who are not alienated from their customers and their labor work, the mouth of the tradesmen is not spoken when they hear it. If you want to explain that courtesy cannot be stuck with certain words and movement patterns, bring it to Hamdi's shop; It doesn't just serve women either. If there is a person who thinks he is sloppy because he does his job quickly, say he loses himself. His door is open to everyone, for example, when one of the municipal workers who make the road in front of the door gets stuck, he chooses Hamdi among all the tradesmen to use the toilet. There is no discrimination.

Finally, I would like to talk about Ali Haydar; Ali Haydar, a baby crow who has been living in Hamdi's shop since the day he was unable to fly. This walking crow, who lived with two cats, could only survive among people with big hearts. The peace and friendship of the shop has also spread to cats, and they tolerate Ali Haydar with magnanimity.

Safiye Derviş

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